About Railway Empire 2

Railway Empire 2 is a strategy simulation video game developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media.

The game is a sequel to the successful Railway Empire and offers a deeper and more engaging experience in building and managing railways in historical industrial eras.

In Railway Empire 2, players can assume the role of an ambitious railroad tycoon aiming to construct extensive and efficient rail networks in various locations around the world.

With stunning graphics and impressive details, Railway Empire 2 provides a comprehensive experience in managing all aspects of railway operations. This includes planning routes, constructing stations, scheduling trips, transporting passengers and goods, expanding networks, and facing different economic and technical challenges.

Players must wisely allocate resources, choose the right locomotives, manage staff, and adapt to dynamic market changes to achieve success and outperform their competitors.

One standout feature of Railway Empire 2 is the freedom and flexibility in building rail networks. Players can plan and construct intricate railway lines, connecting cities and crucial industries, as well as optimizing routes to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Railway Empire 2
Railway Empire 2

Features in Railway Empire 2 include:

  1. Historical setting: Starting in 1830, at the dawn of the railway era, build a magnificent railway empire from scratch and choose from 60 detailed historical locomotives that can be customized with colors and the initials of your chosen company.
  2. Vast landscapes: A large and detailed game world encompassing the entire United States and Europe in separate single maps, as well as more detailed regional maps scattered throughout both regions.
  3. Limitless possibilities: Choose your gameplay style from a 5-chapter campaign set in iconic European and U.S. regions, 14 scenarios, customizable free mode, relaxing construction mode, and co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players controlling the same railroad company.
  4. Enhanced track construction: Laying tracks is easier than ever with automatic signal placement, bridges accommodating more than 4 tracks, railway stations with up to 8 tracks, and new accessories for customizable train stations. The terrain adapts to your track layout as it crosses mountains, valleys, and plains.
  5. Enjoy the scenery: Ride in your trains and observe the passing landscapes from inside the carriages or from the front seat in the steam engine’s driver compartment.

Additionally, players can invest in research and development of new technologies, including more advanced locomotives, improved infrastructure, and other innovative features that provide a competitive advantage.

Railway Empire 2 not only focuses on technical and economic aspects but also offers an engaging story element. Players will participate in various challenging campaigns, each with different objectives at every level. They will face various challenges such as business competition, political conflicts, and even natural disasters that can disrupt railway operations. The strategic decisions made by players will impact the story’s development and game progression.

In addition to the deep campaign mode, Railway Empire 2 also offers a free mode where players can freely explore the game world without any specific limitations or goals. They can create unique railway networks, face different economic challenges, and experience realistic technological advancements in a pressure-free environment.

With enjoyable gameplay, impressive visuals, and the ability to control all aspects of a railway business, Railway Empire 2 is an excellent choice for strategy simulation enthusiasts and railway enthusiasts. Offering the opportunity to manage railway operations in various historical eras and captivating locations, the game provides a deep and satisfying experience for players seeking challenges and freedom in building their own railroad empires.

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