Dordogne, a game that brings a captivating and enchanting experience


Dordogne, a game that brings a captivating and enchanting experience, has the power to evoke all our senses and childhood memories that have long been buried.

In this evocative journey, we will be immersed in a world full of visual wonders, captivating sounds, distinct aromas, tantalizing tastes, and heart-stirring touches.

Playing as Mimi, we explore precious childhood memories and moments shared with our departed grandmother.

As the past meets the present, we confront our adult choices with the beautiful memories of childhood to uncover the lost family secrets.


Explore the landscapes of Dordogne with a thousand colors of summer in a luxuriant hand-painted environment.

Throughout your adventure, cherish the moments, panoramas, aromas, sounds, and sensations.

Record these life memories in your journal as a unique account of Mimi’s family past, adding a touch of nostalgic reflection to your journey.

Through its remarkable graphics, Dordogne presents beautiful scenes that seem to depict our childhood memories.

From lush forests with tall trees swaying in the wind to colorful flower fields emitting refreshing fragrances, each frame of this game takes us back to moments filled with joy and innocence.

Not only visually, but Dordogne also indulges our hearing with soul-stirring music compositions, creating a beautifully flowing atmosphere.

With gentle sounds like flowing rivers, rustling leaves, and chirping birds, we are reminded of the joyful sounds of our childhood. Every note, every harmony, stirs up memories and awakens hidden happiness.

Features found in the game Dordogne include:

  1. Explore the stunning landscapes of Dordogne in hand-painted acrylic.
  2. Embark on a unique and heart-touching narrative experience.
  3. Engage your senses as you explore childhood memories.
  4. Collect photos, sounds, and aromas to create your journal, unique to your adventure.

However, this extraordinary experience doesn’t stop there. Dordogne understands the importance of scent in creating unforgettable memories. Wisely, the game presents a variety of aromas that transport us back in time.

The fresh scent of rain after a scorching heat, bringing back the joyful memories of playing in the pouring rain, or the sweet aroma of grandmother’s homemade cake, reminding us of relaxed moments under the sunlight.

For the game specifications of Dordogne, please see below:

System Requirements: Windows RAM: 8 GB DirectX: DirectX 11 HDD: 8 GB

Moreover, Dordogne also revives unforgettable tastes. In this adventure, we will savor every delicious and comforting piece of food, as if we are tasting the special dishes from our childhood once again.

The sweet and refreshing taste of our favorite ice cream or the savory and crispy taste of snacks we enjoyed with friends, everything feels alive and tantalizing.

And equally important, Dordogne doesn’t forget the meaningful touch. We will feel the warm vibrations as we embark on the adventure with the main character.

As if we are truly embracing our long-forgotten childhood, every touch, every kiss, every embrace takes us back to moments filled with warmth and affection.

With all its grandeur, Dordogne is a game that revives our senses and childhood memories. Through its stunning visuals, captivating sounds, distinct aromas, tantalizing tastes, and heart-stirring touches, we will be immersed in beautiful nostalgia and reminded of the priceless value of the childhood we have passed.

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