Get Rare GTA Online Items This Week

Get Rare GTA Online Items This Week

Get Wings and Aviation Themed Extra Bonus Prizes, this week you have a rare chance to get a rare Avenger Livery, as well as multiple benefits with 2X GTA and RP in Flight School.

GTA Online
GTA Online

There’s no better time to take to the skies with all your passion and chase your dreams of flying in Grand Theft Auto Online.

In this rare opportunity, you can claim the rare Camo Mammoth Pink & Green Avenger Livery.
Equip your base of operations soaring through the air in dazzling style and impress over the city. Be the center of attention with this rare and unique design, and let your spirit fly freely in everything you do.

Not only that, this week also offers a golden opportunity to earn double rewards in Freemode events and challenges at high altitudes.

However, the biggest challenge awaits at the Flight School. Go on to gain success in mastering aviation skills at the San Andreas State Aviation School at LSIA.

Complete flight lessons to perfection, including precision landings, breathtaking stunts, thrilling skydiving maneuvers and much more.

Perfect your skills in mastering the skies and become the best graduate to be rewarded with double benefits with 2X GTA and RP.

In this adrenaline filled atmosphere, don’t forget the thrilling experience of Junk Energy Skydives. Freefall through defined control points while performing extreme multitasking.

Feel the speed and excitement of cruising the skies, and double your profits with 2X GTA and RP in an experience that will test your guts and skills.

So don’t waste this chance to grab your wings and extra prizes in this amazing aviation theme. Claim a rare Avenger Livery, face aviation challenges and become the best in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Prepare yourself to fly high, cross boundaries, and become a hero in the air who will be remembered for your every action.

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