Strategy & Tactics Wargame Collection, World War II History

Strategy Tactics Wargame Collection
Strategy Tactics Wargame Collection
Strategy Tactics Wargame Collection

Strategy & Tactics Wargame Collection is a collection of war games that bring three captivating turn-based strategy experiences in historical contexts. You can take command of forces involved in the most epic wars throughout history, whether during World War II or in the grand Medieval era.

In the game Strategy & Tactics: WW II, you have the opportunity to become an influential general in one of the most important battles in WWII history. You can choose to lead the powerful German forces, the resilient Soviet Union, or the courageous Allied forces and fight through three challenging campaigns based on deep narratives. Face hours-long player-based scenario battles or engage in fast-paced battles in Skirmish mode if you prefer.

The collection also includes Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics, which invites you to lead forces from England, France, and the Crusaders in three historical campaigns. You will wage wars against your enemies in grand battles across Europe from the 9th to the 15th centuries. With scenario-based maps available, you can engage in significant battles such as the war for Rus’, halting the Saracen invasion under the banner of Charles the Great, and triggering the famous Hussite rebellion.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there, as in the game WW2: Sandbox. Strategy & Tactics, you will find a truly free experience where victory in World War II depends on your choices. You can choose one of the 28 available countries and win battles for that nation. You have the freedom to maintain existing political alliances from history or, for example, lead the Soviet Union and crush Germany with Western allies, or even decide to break alliances and celebrate your victory amidst the ruins of London.

This game offers unlimited variation through randomly generated events such as guerrilla movements, landing operations, voluntary enlistment, and much more, making each playthrough unique and engaging.

Not only that, this collection also offers a vast European map with over 500 explorable regions and a variety of playable countries, totaling 39 available nations. You can control infantry, air power, artillery, tanks, and navy forces according to your chosen strategy, with the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy and bringing them to the brink of defeat.

There are also options to allocate resources from conquered territories, whether to reinforce your forces or further develop scientific knowledge.

With stunning graphics and deep turn-based mechanics, Strategy & Tactics Wargame Collection delivers an impressive and immersive war gaming experience. Each campaign and scenario presents unique challenges, allowing you to test your tactical intelligence and strategic abilities in organizing and leading troops. From major battles on the WWII battlefield to epic warfare in the Medieval era, you will feel the tension of war and the importance of making the right decisions to achieve victory.

With Strategy & Tactics Wargame Collection, you can explore various fascinating historical periods, experience decisive battles, and lead mighty forces from the past. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of war strategy, or just a gamer seeking new challenges, this collection will provide a satisfying and entertaining gaming experience. Prepare your strategy, take command, and prove your abilities as a superior general in Strategy & Tactics Wargame Collection.

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