The Arrival of Game Frostpunk 2, City Development in the Future

Frostpunk 2
 Frostpunk 2
Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk 2 is a highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated society survival game. The steam era has passed, and now, oil becomes the guiding light as humanity’s latest salvation.

However, with new threats on the horizon, the future of the city appears bleaker than ever.

Frostpunk 2, the game, will be released in 2024, with genres of Simulation and Strategy, developed by 11 bit studios.

Frostpunk 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated society survival game that combines city building, strategy, and management gameplay, creating a new genre.

Its successor takes place 30 years after the apocalyptic snowstorm, and the Earth is still engulfed in never-ending frozen climate and harsh weather.

You play as the leader of a resource-deprived metropolis where expansion and the search for new resources become an inevitable reality. After the age of coal, conquering the Frostland for oil extraction industry is hoped to be a new salvation for what remains of humanity.

However, change doesn’t come easily, and not everyone in this stratified society will welcome this new direction.

The city, built around the Generator and the warmth it provides for life, grows and evolves over time. The years of snowstorms have reshaped the world, providing a blank canvas to write a new chapter of its story after the apocalypse.

Though the grip of oppression begins to tighten on the struggling society for life-sustaining supplies—and increasingly disrupted by internal conflicts after recent events—the world once again faces a potentially fertile era of expansion.

But most strikingly, humans have changed. And after overcoming the freezing cold and fading strong survival instincts, their humanity will emerge, driven by ambitions that can lead to the collapse of the City.

“Frostpunk 2 is still a game about the City and its society,” says Jakub Stokalski, Co-Director and Design Director of the game at 11 bit studios. “But this time, the internal conflict triggered by increasing social differences means players will face new threats that go beyond mere survival like in the first game.

We’re still using that frozen post-apocalyptic setting to tell a meaningful story about human ambition, societies struggling for their ideas, and the consequences of difficult decisions that aren’t always respected by everyone.

Because, in the end, what can end us isn’t nature itself—it’s human nature.”

Frostpunk 2 combines complex gameplay with a strong and emotionally-driven narrative. You will feel the real pressure and tension when facing difficult moral decisions, witnessing the consequences of your actions, and seeing their impact on the evolving story. Each of your decisions carries its own weight and can lead to various different story endings.

Prepare to enter a cold and cruel world, where you must battle nature, humanity, and fear in a desperate attempt to survive and build a new society.

Do you have the courage and wisdom to lead humanity towards a better future in Frostpunk 2?

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